1. All payments must be made at least 24 hours before the beginning of each lesson, or alternatively, each pack of lessons.

2. Packages have different expiration dates depending on the number of classes they contain:

• Packs of 5 hours expire 8 weeks (approx. 2 months) after the date of purchase.
• Packs of 10 hours expire 12 weeks (approx. 3 months) after the date of purchase.
• Packs of 20 hours expire 24 weeks (approx. 6 months) after the date of purchase.

All lessons must be scheduled through our online platform before the expiration date but lessons booked within this period can occur after that date.

3. No refund can be made after purchase.

4. The student may cancel or reschedule a lesson through our booking system provided they give no less than 24 hours’ notice. Otherwise the lesson will be charged as per normal conditions. If the student cancels the trial lesson less than 24 hours in advance, they will miss the opportunity to get it for free.

5. In the unlikely event of a BlaBlaLang tutor failing to give a student 24-hour cancellation notice, the student will need to send an email to to communicate the incident, and they will be entitled to one free class by way of compensation for the cancellation of said lesson.

6. If the student does not appear at the fixed time, the tutor will stay connected during the first 30 minutes of the lesson. If the tutor is not on Skype anymore when the student arrives, the student can send them an email and the tutor will come back online. Late arrival of the students does not modify the time the lesson finishes.

7. If the student has an occasional issue with their Internet connection and the lesson cannot be completed, they will be able to reschedule it. If the student has a persistent problem, they will need to fix it in order to receive their following classes.

8. If the teacher has problems with their Internet connection and this prevents the student having a class, the student will not be charged for the lesson and will be able to reschedule it for a later date.

9. Although BlaBlaLang will do their utmost to ensure that a student will be taught by the same tutor for a full pack of lessons, we reserve the right to replace a tutor due to unforeseen or unexpected circumstances.