Every year, many people come (1.) Brighton for holidays and to learn English.

    Rosa is a Spanish student. At the moment, she (2.) staying with an English family.

    Her hostess wants (3.) know if she likes tea or coffee. In Spain, Rosa drinks coffee, but in England she prefers tea (4.) a little milk and sugar.

    Rosa is living (5.) 65 Brunswick Road, not far (6.) the school.

    In the morning after breakfast, she (7.) her house and walks along Western Road towards the English Language Centre.

    When students arrive at the ELC -English Language Centre- for the (8.) time, they usually have to do a short test (9.) that they can be placed in classes at the (10.) level.

    Masami, a new student from Japan, is answering some questions.

    "How long have you (11.) learning English?" (12.) his teacher .

    "Not very long. Only (13.) about 6 months," is Masami's (14.) .

    On their first day, new students are also (15.) useful information about the school and its programme of social activities.

    Younger students often enjoy (16.) to discotheques while older ones are often more (17.) in exploring the surrounding towns and villages.

    For the long distance sightseer, the school offers a wide (18.) of excursions. Maps and guidebooks are on (19.) in the ELC bookshop.

    London is only 60 miles (20.) , and fast trains from Brighton to London complete the (21.) in just under an hour.

    Those students (22.) to explore Brighton & Hove and the surrounding area can obtain a special card which allows unlimited (23.) on buses and trains within the locality. This is usually issued for (24.) of one or four weeks.

    Bus and train (25.) in Britain today are significantly higher than before, as a result of (26.) in fuel prices and in other costs.

    However, many transport authorities have special schemes to allow regular passengers to cut (27.) on their expenses.

    With the travelcard, large savings can be (28.) .

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