With our language classes for kids, we make learning English, Spanish or Italian online an entertaining and practical activity. We have native teachers who are experts in the field so that little ones can learn English, Italian, or Spanish online through games, songs, and much more.

Prevent them from falling behind in school and make them become true bilingual students!

language classes for kids

Native teachers with experience in teaching children

language lessons for kids

Learning through games

language classes for children

Interactive and audiovisual activities

30 minutes class

Continuous attention of the student throughout the class

native teachers for kids

Online language teachers

At Blablalang, we have native teachers who are experts in teaching children of all ages and needs. They are all qualified and experienced teachers in online child education so that classes are practical and fun at the same time.

We know that children’s language learning differs from that of adults. Therefore, our online language classes for kids have been adapted in order for little ones to make the most out of them.

Communicative method

At Blablalang we believe that the best way to learn a new language is to practice it. Therefore, we use the Communicative approach in online teaching, even from the lowest levels.

However, this doesn’t mean that our English, Spanish or Italian classes are based just on conversation. We use interactive and educational activities to improve grammar, vocabulary, and writing.

If students start learning a language from a young age with native teachers, it will be easier for them to be bilingual and make less of an effort in the process. We, therefore, believe that only with the best quality, can you achieve the best results in learning languages.

learn a new language
lessons for children

Learn with activities and games

At Blablalang we believe that kids will get the best of learning a new language only through play and activities that arouse their curiosity. Firstly, this allows children to learn Spanish, English or Italian fluently, naturally, and effortlessly, associating the new language with a space of entertainment and enjoyment. Secondly, through technology and interactive activities that teachers carry out, children can learn grammar quickly. Besides, they improve their pronunciation through conversation with native teachers and audiovisual activities.

Learning a new language cannot be more natural! Join our online language classes for kids! Contact us!

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